Every year we all look forward to that three day weekend we get from Memorial Day. Many will head down to the shore if they're on the coasts, or sit home and enjoy the Indy 500 on tv. Millions will go to cookouts and barbeques, drinking some beers and just having a good time. What most don't remember, however, is the importance behind memorial day. 
Memorial Day is a day of Remembrance. In England, on their day of honoring soldiers, they wear Poppies. With ongoing conflicts in the MIddle East, many people forget that we still lose soldiers to combat on a regular basis. Americans are not sacrificing as a whole for the wars being fought. The only time in history when taxes were cut while wars were being fought. Since we get to enjoy the luxuries that the lives of soldiers were given to ensure, I think it would be nice for once that Americans remember Memorial Day for what it is supposed to be, and do something to honor the sacrifice of those who have served for us. 

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    May 2012